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Supply containers for any breakable wedding decoration that are to be transported to another location. If you think you will need filler, have on hand some bubble wrap or newspapers to keep items from bumping up against each other while being moved and stored.Having your after wedding clean up duties assigned and taken care of by responsible individuals, will bring you a much needed relief in knowing that your wedding day has been carried off as a big hit, and you can look forward to your honeymoon without worrying whether or not someone took out the trash. A wedding planner can help you lower the cost of the wedding when compared to what you would do if you plan the wedding yourself. This is because the wedding planners will be able to get the lowest prices on the stuff required as they tend to have good contacts with all the providers in the city. A little bit of extra money that you will pay the wedding planner will only help you to make the wedding even better than what you had dreamed off. There is no doubt that the wedding invitation is very important. If you think it is so important that a wedding card needs to be a formal card, you can choose paper with recycled content. Have a good working relationship with the wedding planner and they will get you the best prices and that too without you having to go through the stress of arranging everything. All this will happen if you hire a reliable, good and efficient wedding planner.Using five Jordan almonds wrapped in a circle of colored tulle and tied with a matching bow is one cost effective way to tie in the wedding color scheme with a traditional wedding favor. The five Jordan almonds represent wealth, health, happiness, fertility and longevity of the marriage. Besides, some couples maintain that their guests will throw the wedding invitation cards into the rubbish bins anyway, it will be totally a waste to spend so much money on wedding invitations. In this case I believe using email as wedding invitation will be the best solution. However, couples, even if they think their guests will throw the invitation cards away sooner or later, are usually reluctant to adopt this idea of email wedding invitations. 結婚相 租花車 婚宴攝影